Resource List for iPads

Week 10

Resources List for iPads

Topic C, K-5 learners

NETS: Due to the variety of applications available for teaching, learning, creating and activities, I feel that the NETS-T and NETS-S standards are all able to be met. There are apps for taking attendance, creating books, making/editing videos, organizing assessments, and so much more. The NETS standards are all met for teachers and students because of the variety and diversity of the apps collection available.


  1. Ipad app directory for educators
    1. Link:
    2. I really like the way this website is organized for teachers. There are categories, like Bloom’s, NETS and content area themes, which make navigating through all the apps able to more focused and therefore faster.
  2. Blog of a fourth grade music teacher with great app recommendations
    1. Link:
    2. This site is very focused on app recommendations for music teachers. While this is not my specialized area of teaching, I wanted to include this site because it so targeted and contains very specific apps that would be very helpful for music teachers.
  3. Apps focused on Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy
    1. Link:
    2. This website has apps organized by Bloom’s Taxonomy. The website organizer also has many links to support teachers and technology in the classroom, including tips on integration and lessons as well.
  4. McGraw Hill math apps
    1. Link:
    2. I was primarily interested in this site because our district’s math adoption for my grade level is McGraw-Hill. We are supposed to adopt new books for each grade level every seven years, but due to budget cuts, that has been postponed for most subjects. The standards have now changed and our current McGraw-Hill does not cover the Common Core and we have to do a lot of supplementing. This site has great apps that align with the Common Core and complement the McGraw-Hill curriculum. It’s very user-friendly and has some terrific lesson ideas and tips for teachers as well.
  5. Ipad use ideas for teachers
    1. Link:
    2. Great ideas for using iPads in the classroom! These are specific ideas to complement lessons, also there are many additional links for resources to use in the classroom with iPads.
  6. Single Ipad in the classroom ideas
    2. This website was clearly designed by a terrific teacher! There are great ideas for using a single iPad in the classroom, directly from teachers who have been doing this successfully. This is very interesting and VERY useful for me as the teachers in my school will be getting iPads soon- one per teacher. We also a laptop cart per grade level to share so some of these ideas will be worthwhile for that as well.
  7. Free Ipad app list- very extensive
    1. Link:
    2. Apps are listed by grade level on this site and there are also tutorials for how to use the apps as well. There are links for lessons and ideas from other teachers as well. Very useful site that is also quite user friendly.
  8. Technology in education ideas
    1. Link:
    2. The information and resources on this website are terrific! There is just about anything from information for teachers about applying tech in the classroom, to lesson ideas to specific classroom management strategies with technology. This would be a phenomenal to use as a tool for professional development.
  9. Ipad apps for the classroom- blog by fourth grade teacher
    1. Link:
    2. A very enthusiastic and energetic fourth grade teacher has written an extensive list of apps, with great descriptions, including a summary of each app and appropriate grade level. This is a great blog and great list of fun apps, with recommendations and lesson ideas as well.
  10. Pinterest for teachers
    1. Link:
    2. This is a very broad resource but SO useful! I probably use an idea from pinterest at home, school, or the gym every day! The great thing about using pinterest to find resources for education is that other teachers are the ones posting (pinning) about each of these ideas. I used pinterest to locate most of the resources above about iPad ideas. Pinterest is free to use, you just need to create an account. You can also create ‘boards’ to save the ideas that you have found on the site. I use my boards all the time. Each board is made of ideas that have been pinned, like an online bulletin board. Sometimes I print out ideas, but most of the time I just keep them stored online in my Pinterest account. I highly recommend using Pinterest to help guide searches for iPad resources, and really anything elseJ


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